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Publikationen 2022

Di-tert-butyltin(IV)-hydroxide-iodide, tBu2Sn(OH)I, the last missing member in the series of pure di-tert-butyltin(IV)-hydroxide-halides.
Reuter, H.
Acta Cryst. 2022, E78, 633-637.

The 2′-deoxyribofuranoside of 3-phenyltetrahydropyrimido[4,5-c]pyridazin-7-one: a bicyclic nucleoside with sugar residues in N and S conformations, and its molecular recognition
Mei, H., Budow-Busse, S., Kondhare, D., Eickmeier, H., Reuter, H. and Seela, F.
Acta Cryst. 2022, C78, 382-389.

Ba3[Sn(OH)6][SeO4]2 · 3H2O, a hydrated 1:2 double salt of barium hexahydroxido-stannate(IV) and barium selenate(VI)
Reuter, H, and Kamaha, S.
Acta Cryst. 2022, E78, 809-813.

Dioxidomolybdenum(VI) complexes of azo-hydrazones: Structural investigation, DNA binding and cytotoxicity studies
Dinda, D., Majumder, S., Mohanty, M., Mohapatra, D., Patra, S. A., Parida, R., Giri, S., Reuter, H., Kausar, C. and Patra, S. K.
Polyhedron 227, 2022, 116093.

Temperature-Controlled Chemoselective Synthesis of Multi-substituted 4-Alkynyl/trans-4-Alkenyl Coumarins
Sahoo, S. R., Das, B., Sarkar, D. and Reuter. H.
J. Org. Chem. 87, 2022, 13529-13541.

Formation and structural characterization of the basic tin(II) fluoride, Sn9F13O(OH)3 · 2H2O, containing the unprecedented [Sn4O(OH)3]3+ cage-ion
Uglova, E., Reichelt, M. and Reuter, H.
Z. Anorg. Allgem. Chem. 648, 2022, e202200302.
DOI: 10.1002/zaac.202200302